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All our academic help, editing, and proofreading experts are competitive and professional. However, if you have an important paper that must be perfect at any cost, then you can use our “Preferred Expert” option. Our most experienced expert will complete your project. This feature is available for $10.00.


Abstract Page

An abstract page is an essential requirement for academic documents crafted. It gives an overview of the entire academic paper, but crafting a good abstract is not easy. The abstract is usually the first thing that a person goes through while reading an academic paper, which makes it very important. You can get a perfectly crafted abstract by using this add-on for $10.00


Plagiarism Report

We offer a formal plagiarism report for $8.00 only. Although all the documents crafted and processed by our experts are original with zero plagiarism, using this feature will allow a greater sense of security regarding the originality of your documents.


Grammar Check Report

If you are concerned about the grammatical mistakes in your document crafted by our experts, you can use this option to get a formal grammar error report and make sure there are no grammatical mistakes. The option of an official grammar check can be availed just for $8.00


One Page Summary

A summary perfectly complements an academic document as it briefly describes all the components contained in an academic document. If you wish to get a summary along with your crafted manuscript, you can have it by availing this option. Our skilled experts excel in providing the most comprehensive summaries. You can avail this feature for $10.00 only.


Quality Double Check

We invest a lot of time and effort to guarantee premium quality to our clients. Satisfaction of our clients is a top priority, which is why we have hired the best experts, editors, and proofreaders to ensure your academic papers remain error-free in just $2.50/page.


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